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Multi Protection Sun Cream Spf50

Multi Protection Sun Cream Spf50

code : 5111

content : 75 ml

product information

The latest generation of sun protection for the face, neck, neckline and hands. Specially developed for sensitive skin, especially sun-sensitive skin, or fair skin and for those with tendencies towards hyperpigmentation. The use of the latest UVA/UVB sun filter help to minimise the appearance of freckles and over-pigmentation and to prevent damage to the skin from sunlight. Specially combined moisturizing factors maintain the skin's natural moisture level to give you a radiant, smooth skin. The lotion is free of parabens, paraffins and mineral oils. 


To protect babies and toddlers under the sun, cover them with protective clothing and sun protection lotion with high sun protection factor (SPF greater than 25). To protect the face and the eyes, wear hat and sunglasses. Apply sun protection lotion generously 15 to 30 minutes before going out under the sun. Reapply the lotion frequently after swimming or heavy sweating. Too thin a layer will not provide the right protection as desired. Avoid the intensive midday sun. Use a sun protection factor that corresponds to your skin type. Even sun protection products with a high sun protection factor do not give you complete protection from the sun´s UV rays.