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code : 8167

content : 5 g

product information

(Liposomal Glycolic Acid): Is an acid with a double-action of skin renewal and reducing the signs of aging. Glycolic acid stimulates collagen synthesis and disperses melanin in the basal cells. The effect it has on the skin is to reduce wrinkles and age spots, so it has very noticeable anti-ageing effects. 


▪ Clean face with Energizing/Purifying cleanser and Degreasing solution.
▪ Apply the contents of a pearl to the entire face and neck and massage in continuously for 1-5 minutes.
▪ Leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes.
▪ Rinse thoroughly with water (skin may remain red after product removal and procedure completion. This
redness is temporary and will gradually disappear).
▪ Repeat application from point 2 with the second acid bead.
▪ This procedure should be performed weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
▪ The use of Anti-pollution Total Defense cream during the day and Total Recovery gel at night is
recommended to promote complete skin recovery.