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code : 8168

content : 5 g

product information

(Liposomal Lactic Acid): Acid with a double action of skin renewal and improvement of the appearance of sensitive skin. Composed of lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid with a lower degree of irritation, it is the most suitable peel for sensitive skin. It improves the texture, relief and hydration of the skin as well as providing a strong anti-photoaging effect . 


▪ Clean face with Energizing/Purifying cleanser and Degreasing solution.
▪ Apply the contents of a pearl to the entire face and neck and massage in continuously for 1-5 minutes.
▪ Leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes.
▪ Rinse thoroughly with water (skin may remain red after product removal and procedure completion. This
redness is temporary and will gradually disappear).
▪ Repeat application from point 2 with the second acid bead.
▪ This procedure should be performed weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
▪ The use of Anti-pollution Total Defense cream during the day and Total Recovery gel at night is
recommended to promote complete skin recovery.